Gain the knowledge and confidence to effectively manage your team

In this course you will learn the underlying employment law to enable you to make assertive decisions and the techniques to motivate your team. You’ll no longer lose sleep, feel frustrated or out of control - you’ll be confidently leading your team and business to success.

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In this training with Jenefer you will learn the underlying employment law to enable you to make assertive decisions as well as the techniques to motivate your team. You’ll no longer lose sleep, feeling frustrated and out of control - you’ll be confidently leading your team and business to success.

Jenefer, is a CIPD Qualified HR Consultant with 20 years experience working across a range of industries.

This isn’t theory, you’ll take away practical tools you can implement in your business. 

Imagine no longer:

✔️ having to repeat yourself

✔️ wasting time on people who disrupt your business

✔️ having to accept repeated absence and lateness

✔️ being stuck on what to say

✔️ paying people who just don’t meet your expectations

9 Modules with 32 on demand videos

Practical Tools

This course isn’t just theory, Jenefer’s practical experience will come across in stories and practical tools you can implement immediately.

Actionable Tasks

Supporting forms, letters, templates and handouts

All for just ÂŁ750 plus VAT


  • You’ll gain a solid understanding of essential HR concepts, practices and regulations. It’s the ideal introduction to HR for anyone who hasn’t previously had HR training. 

  • With increased knowledge comes the ability to make informed decisions regarding your team, compliance and workplace issues. You’ll be able to protect your business from risks of employment tribunals. 

  • You’ll learn how to attract and retain the right people for your business. 

  • You’ll gain tools and techniques for improving employee engagement and moral, resulting in a more productive workforce. 

  • Reduced turnover, reduced absence, less time spent on disruptive employees and increased productivity mean you’ll save money.

  • You’ll learn how to ensure HR practices align with the overall goals of the business. 

  • You’ll feel confident in managing people and more in control of your business. 

  • This course’s digital format means accessing content at your convenience. 

  • This course will include real world case studies and examples that participants can apply directly to their own organisations.

Avoid Burnout

When you’re doing too much you’re harming yourself. Learn the techniques to get good at hiring the right people, training them and delegating tasks

Reduce Employee Turnover

Turnover is costly and disruptive, learn the techniques to create a positive work environment that retains top talent

Avoid Legal Pitfalls

Learn about employment laws and how to avoid claims like unfair dismissal, discrimination and harassment. Avoid legal pitfalls will save you money on legal fees, compensation and settlements

Improve Productivity

A healthy work environment means increased productivity which leads to better outcomes, higher revenues, and a competitive advantage

Avoid Uncertainty

Uncertainty in HR matters can lead to confusion and inconsistency in how workplace issues are handled. You will learn standard HR procedures to give you confidence in managing your team

Dispel Myths

We’ll tackle head on those common myths that often paralyse Managers from taking action


Hey, I'm Jenefer

In the last 20 years I’ve not only gained my CIPD Level 7 Qualifications, I’ve worked in HR both internally and as a consultant. I’ve spent many of those years designing and delivering HR training programs spanning various industry sectors, Giving me the skills to guide you in the world of human resources.

I don’t just teach; I actively engage in hands-on consultancy work with clients, ensuring my knowledge and experience remain cutting-edge and directly applicable to the real challenges you'll face. Practical insights run through each course, making your learning experience both relevant and impactful.

I like to share with you case studies and real-life examples to provide you with hands-on learning opportunities, so you’re equipped to confidently handle the types of HR cases you'll encounter in your role.


9 modules with 32 on demand videos to learn at your own pace

All the supporting forms, letters and templates you need

Downloadable guides

30 day money back guarantee

Desktop, tablet, phone

Bonus: Free 45 minute advice call with Jenefer (value ÂŁ250)

Bonus: Upgrade to our HR Advice or HR Advice Plus service and get exclusive discount off your first year

Bonus: Free access to our “Maternity Support Bundle” (value £50)



Business Owners with a Team
New to People Management
Experienced in People Management but wanting a better understanding of HR principles
Anyone looking after the HR but hasn’t done a CIPD qualification

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